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I "stumbled" onto your book and started reading yesterday, and I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us this book. I have been suffering from serious fatigue and depression (suicidal) for almost 10 years, I have read hundreds of book, sought spiritual readings, and have only gotten worse over the years--I did your higher self meditation yesterday and this morning with the orange and blue rays, and I am happier then I have EVER been in my ENTIRE life. All my fears, worries, depression and anxieties just dissolved. I just can't thank you enough-- I have been waiting for the book my entire life. I wish I could of met you years ago and had a reading by you. There just isn't words that can express my gratitude for putting this book out. I have hope and happiess again, I am positive about life and WANT to live for the first time in years. I hope that one day I will have the opportunitity to meet and/or work with you. I hope that I will be able to see auras, like you can, one day.
"The powerful spiritual insights and Light Working techniques I have learned from Barbara Martin over the years have made a deeper and more profound positive change in my life than any other single experiential influence."
"I have had the privilege of knowing Barbara for the last thirty years. As a long-standing student and friend, I have known her to be a powerful spiritual force in the lives of those who have come into contact with her, myself included. She has dedicated her life to the healing and transformation of others while always acknowledging that she is only a channel and not the source of power."
"I have known Barbara several years now. I've read her book, taken her classes and workshops. What I like and admire about Barbara is that, despite her wealth of knowledge on spiritual matters, she doesn't provide answers. Instead she gives her students the tools to discover, for themselves, what it means to be a 'spiritual person'. It has been and still is an exciting path of self-discovery that I am forever grateful to be on. And, most importantly, since I found my own answers, on my own time, in my own way, the impact on my life has been profoudly deep and meaningful. My life has a purpose and clarity that was lacking before, thank you Barbara."
"The level 2 work makes a huge difference in one's life. I can tell the difference in my overall mood. If I meditate before going to bed, I wake up feeling energized, clear-minded, uplifted. Things move in the right direction and more easily with regular meditation. And it's fairly simple and brief for such a life benefit. Come to think of it, time to go meditate!"
"Working and studying with Barbara has helped my life immensely. I appreciate that she helps me without judging - only with lots of love. Barbara has helped me release anger and fear from past experiences. The techniques she has taught me have helped me to forgive those who have hurt me and for me to understand this fits into my life plan. I especially appreciate Barbara's sense of humor!"
"After meditating and bringing down light, I've been able to see many colors of light. As my work continues, the light has grown stronger, more compelling and iridescent. My Achilles tendon that was injured while jogging has gotten much better as a result of my work with Barbara."
This work is very powerful. I had a mean, loud boss who yelled a lot. I couldn't seem to find another job so that I could leave there. I was working with the light every day. (There is a whole section in the aura book on getting the perfect job.) We were doing a forgiveness exercise in one of the seminars, and the thought came to me to forgive my boss. At first I thought, "What does forgiving my boss have to do with getting another job. But the impression was very strong to forgive him. In doing the forgiveness exercise, I actually saw the black cloud of hate I had generated towards this man. I didn't realize my resentment was that strong. Wow! I got a new job a few days later!

In another incident, we were going to do an advanced forgiveness exercise in class one night. We were supposed to forgive a family member, but since I worked out most of those issues already, one of my classmates suggested that I work on my upstairs neighbor, with whom I had a very adversarial relationship. I had a lot of anger towards him, because he created such negative energy. I did the visualization as instructed. I felt better immediately, but the visualization was so powerful, my neighbor (the father) has moved out and we have been able to have friendly dialog with the other members of the family! This work is amazing, but very powerful and not to be taken lightly!!!
My journey with Barbara started thirty years ago. I was drawn to the class because of the incredibly high vibrations I experienced there. It was as if I were lifted into a higher plane, a plane vibrating with golden light and joy. Even now, three decades later, each meeting is like a lighthouse showing me the way amidst the barrage of distractions so typical of our everyday life. It is not only Barbara, but the presence of our spirit teachers that make the classes so exciting, uplifting and immensely valuable.
Barbara Martin has been my spiritual teacher since the 70's. I started attending her lectures at the Bodhi Tree, continuing with private sessions, group healing classes. In the 28 years I have known her, her teachings have enhanced every phase of my life and I use the light work, the magnificent prayers and meditations daily. Do not think twice, if you are looking or searching, for relief from emotional pain, and achieve a loving state of peace, to live in joy, to learn and experience your own divine partnership with God, look no more. Jump in, call the center for events, dates, places and classes; or go to the website, begin with the books, audio tapes, attend the lectures and join a class. Barbara Martin is a true spiritual teacher in the best sense of the term.

For me, having lost my mother at 3 1/2 years old, living with various relatives, my father did his best while marrying four times and changing his sorrow into rage with every happy cocktail hour, I sheltered myself because I knew my life was and deserved something better. So I began to search for pain relief: I studied! I began with the bible, multiple spiritual texts, studied Edgar Cayce and metaphysics from all cultures, the Sedona Method, EST., 6 day Ropes course, et. al, including I actually took classes and converted to different faiths ending in Judaism because of the Cabbala Teaching that went back to the original Mystery Schools of the Essenes. Not for naught because all my previous desires to learn finally led me to study with Barbara Martin, and in doing so I have and continue to learn and experience the art of spiritual healing through her classes, lectures, private sessions, and study materials.

I'm forever grateful and thank God daily for Barbara, her teachings and all she has done for me.
I can remember when I first met Barbara Martin. It was at a lecture at the Bodhi Tree Bookstore in Los Angeles. When the day came, I was very tired that morning from working, and decided against going. Yet when the afternoon came, a strong impulse, a very persistent inner voice kept saying to go despite my resistance.

I went, and there was a large gathering of people. As I was listening to Barbara speak, she was very pleasant, but ironically, I didn’t find her to be the charismatic speaker I was expecting. Later, I was impressed to go to an in-depth seminar on healing given by Barbara and Dimitri. Again I initially resisted going, but this time when I went, it became very clear that there was a lot of very high energy coming through. I realized that I have found a wonderful and very complete system of working with the Divine Light in both very practical and very high spiritual manner.

Barbara is a very humble person yet underneath a very powerful and fulfilling teacher. I’m very grateful to her for what she has imparted to me and very grateful that I listened to my inner guidance to go listen to her in the first place.