//December Q&A with Barbara and Dimitri

December Q&A with Barbara and Dimitri

December Q & A with Barbara And Dimitri SAI

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A blog reader asks:

Does energy healing work on animals?

Barbara & Dimitri’s Answer:

Animals are extremely responsive to spiritual energy. Remember animals are evolving just as we are. Spiritually speaking, they are in a different kingdom than humans, but they are as much a part of the Divine Plan as us. They have a wonderful aura, although not as complicated as the human aura. We, in the human kingdom, are responsible to help elevate the animal soul. When we love animals, when we show affection and care, there is a natural transference of spiritual energy and this helps elevate the animal soul.

When meditating with Divine Light, you can request that spiritual energy go to a beloved pet or any animal that is in need. For example, if an animal is sad, you can request that the spiritual energy of love—the deep rose pink ray—go to the animal. Or if an animal is sick, you can ask that the healing power of the blue-white fire ray be sent to the animal.

When we help the animals, we are doing our best to strengthen the evolutionary chain linking all life together in the great evolutionary climb upward.

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