Group Direct Divine Light Healing

/Group Direct Divine Light Healing

Group Direct Divine Light Healing

At this month’s healing night, we will receive energies to help focus and energize our good intentions.  As Barbara Martin recently conveyed in her New Year’s message:  “In 2018, a new Godly power will bless the Earth. This is a very advanced energy that will move into the essentials of life. This energy will bring forth more activity and motivation. It will improve humanity, and initiate new phases of the divine plan.” Come receive divine light to draw closer to God, and let that power help you manifest your highest aspirations in this new year.

This evening provides the experience of Direct Divine Light Healing performed by Certified Healers in a group setting. It also includes meditation, the healing tones of Crystal Bowls and time to send light and prayers to others.


$20 $15

Friday, January 19th
7:00pm – 8:15pm PST
In-Person Only