How Does The Aura Reflect Your Life?

Your aura reflects everything that’s going on in your life every facet of your life expression, every facet of your character, every facet of your talent is reflected in your auric field. Because it takes power to express everything, even our character traits, even our talents: our ability to sing, our ability to dance, our ability to think. All of that needs is spiritual power to operate and all that’s reflected in your auric field.

The beauty of the aura is it touches every part of who you are and it fuels the soul. It nourishes the soul so that our soul can experience life and all of its beauty in all of its facets. If you’re noticing a certain facet of your life is a little bit weak, you can nourish that area of your life. Feed it with more divine light so it too can blossom and the garden of your life can fill every part of you.

By working with your aura, your energetic blueprint, you can greatly quicken your personal and spiritual progress. You can produce what you desire faster, solve personal problems more effectively, and be able to help others to a greater degree.

By making a change in your aura there will automatically be a corresponding change in your life.

Change your aura, Change your life. It’s one of the spiritual laws.

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