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This month we wish to gift you our Prosperity Prayer to help activate your financial exchanges, quicken your spiritual abundance, and bring you into the consciousness of true wealth.

It is at the actual exchange of money that we can often lose sight of our spiritual perspective. Whenever you exchange money, whether incoming or outgoing, this prayer blesses that financial exchange.

When saying this prayer hold the money, check or whatever form the money is taking into your left hand and place your right hand over your left as you say the following prayer.

“Down-ray the turquoise ray of abundance and supply into this thy money increasing, quickening and multiplying this money one hundred thousand fold for the good of all concerned, redeeming any and all defiled energies, increasing all present avenues of supply and opening up new avenues of prosperity. Let this light balance all financial flows incoming and out-going, blessing the giver and the receiver.”

Learn more about meditation and prayer to invite even more loving energy, prosperity, and divine guidance into your life.

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