President Obama and National Karma

President Obama and National Karma

A very interesting spiritual element of the presidential inauguration is its connection to national karma. Many dynamics have come together at this same time, yet part of the reason there is such euphoria connected to President Obama and the new administration is a shifting in national karma and its effect on the world. Every nation shares in collective karma whether it be good, bad or indifferent. Many elements affect national karma including the actions of a nation’s leadership as well as the individual actions of its citizens. As the Higher has said before, the United States has been working through a difficult period of national karma. This karma has come full circle and the grey aura around the United States has lifted in the beautiful white light. This tells us that better days are ahead and there will be new opportunities for the United States. However, it also indicates that things will not change overnight. We must learn from the lessons of the past and make sure we’re doing our part to build on this new positive energy. While a country’s destiny is always in the hands of God, it’s up to all of us to realize that destiny.

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