Return to Silence

“Nothing in all creation is so like God as silence.”
– Meister Eckhart


Return to SilenceIn the modern world we are inundated with noise. This constant stream of sound pollution – from zooming cars, to beeping computers, buzzing fridges, blaring televisions and ringing cellphones – is serving to keep us distracted and off balance.


In 2007 the Southern Medical Journal found that noise pollution, “…causes stress and interferes with sleep, concentration, communication, creativity and recreation.” Dr. Louis Hagler and RN Lisa Goines go on to say, “Noise, even at levels that are not harmful to hearing, is perceived subconsciously as a danger signal, even during sleep.”

How does one counteract these disturbances? Modern science is telling us to unplug the computer, turn off the cell phone, and gift ourselves with relaxation. Science is realizing what the mystics have known all along ~ silence is essential.


Return to Silence


Metaphysics teaches that silence is one of the master keys of enlightenment, and is a sign of a highly developed soul. Silence really has nothing to do with sound ~ true silence is a state of mind, a state of being where you feel the oneness of God. When you are in the silence, the challenges of the world no longer have a disturbing effect on you.

Barbara Y. Martin emphasizes the importance of silence, “When someone has developed that spiritual silence, what the mystics call “the silence of peace and the peace of silence”, it shows up in the aura as a beautiful, brilliant white light. This white light is a hard earned energy and an indication of higher spiritual status.”

One of the greatest tools to gain this inner peace is meditation. By meditating, you develop your ability to receive from God and deepen your ability to access the divine stillness. The connection builds and becomes stronger as you work on it. As the connection grows your life will being to unfold in a more harmonious manner. You will be able to respond instead of react to life’s challenges, and a sweet joy will bloom in your heart.

Return to SilenceTo begin attuning to the spiritual attribute of silence, Martin recommends meditating with the purple ray of peace. Visualize the purple ray blanketing you in serenity and tranquility. Meditate with this energy for a few minutes and feel any trouble or irritations dropping away. Especially envision this energy blessing your nerves releasing stress.

Another wonderful tool is deep, slow breathing. By slowing our breath we slow our heartbeat and lower our blood pressure. This triggers a relaxation response in the body and mind.

No matter where you may find yourself, you have the ability to tune in and connect to Spiritual Silence. As quoted in Psalms 46:

“Be still and know I am God.”


*source: Noise Pollution: A Modern Plague, by Dr. Louis Hagler and RN Lisa Goines


*sunrise image by neil_barman

*traffic image by realSMILEY

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