Spiritual Arts Newsletter March/April 2016


Jan/Feb 2016 Newsletter from SAI

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What an exciting time it is for the institute! We have moved into our new center and are preparing for our grand opening June spiritual-healing & meditative-prayers. There will be an open house as well as a virtual open house with workshops and events. A lot of work is going on to build up the staff and get the facility in optimal shape. We are grateful for the many volunteers who are giving of their time and talent.

The revised edition of Change Your Aura, Change Your Life will be available April 26. Preorder your copy today! The book has been updated with new information to celebrate the fascinating world of the aura and spiritual energy and to honor the remarkable career of Barbara Y. Martin, one of the world’s leading clairvoyants and spiritual teachers. There will be a media and book tour with in-person and online workshops. Schedule is coming soon! In addition, there will be a full audiobook release in May.

Springs classes have been going very well with courses on the aura, the spiritual hierarchy, healing, keys to deepening the expression of your spiritual self in all facets of your life, and spiritual cosmology. We had an inspired Easter service with our highest attendance yet. For those local to the training center, we are now offering Healing Nights where you can join a powerful group healing employing the Direct Divine Light Healing modality. Learn more about our courses »

Be on the lookout for new updates as the Institute unfolds. Together, we are truly building a brighter future!

Summer 2016 Change Your Aura Foundation Courses

Our ground-breaking course on the aura and spiritual energy begins July evolving-your-soul, 2016. This is the gateway to all the training at the institute. 

What Are The Seven Spiritual Arts?

These seven mystical arts offer essential Divine Light principles that build an enduring foundation of spiritual skills which you can apply in any aspect of life. The next courses in this series include Your Spiritual Ascent.

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