The Joy of Gratitude

The Joy of Gratitude

Most people who are spiritually minded understand and express gratitude. When it comes to expressing gratitude to God, we are stepping into a state of eternal gratitude, for God is always in the process of giving to us. In the aura, gratitude shows up as a beautiful pink light especially around the emotional body. When you give thanks to God, not only are you expressing your love to the divine, you are also lifting yourself up out of the vibratory rates of the lower self and stepping into a state of joy that comes from the Higher Self. Feeling a steady flow of joy is part of being in the God consciousness. If you’re down in the blues and feeling blah all the time, you’ve disconnected with the higher consciousness, and naturally you won’t feel like there’s anything to be grateful for. When you find yourself in one of these lower states, immediately turn things around by giving thanks to God for all the divine does for you. Be grateful for everything, the little as well as the big, as this keeps you in touch with the higher and keeps your light expanding. No matter what is happening in your life, there is always something for which to be grateful. Happy Thanksgiving!

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