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There’s never been a better time to develop yourself spiritually than today there’s more opportunity to climb the
spiritual ladder. Your desire to develop yourself spiritually is not an accident, it’s God calling you. But you have to be true to yourself to follow this Divine impulse, because it can take you to extraordinary places. The kingdom of light teachings is a comprehensive metaphysical practice and working with spiritual energy. The goal is to accommodate the blossoming of human consciousness and to give fresh insight to the ancient path of enlightenment. All of us have the spiritual support system, it’s the foundation behind everything you’re doing all of us are doing. The Mystics call this your aura: your auric field. Through meditation you can tap spiritual energy – the source of your auric power and enhance any part of your aura and therefore any part of your life.

Change your aura, change your life that’s one of the spiritual laws now there are many energies that you can work with because there are many different attributes of God that we have to embody. Including Divine Love confidence and prosperity. As you express these living powers they become a part of you. Everything that’s going on in your life is part of your spiritual quest. There is no earth life and spiritual life, it’s all spiritual. All the things that we were concerned with day – to – day, all of our earthly endeavors, they’re really part of our spiritual growth. As you develop every part of your life you elevate your soul and that leads to the great goal of enlightenment. That’s the goal of metaphysics. To help awaken the divine consciousness in you, plain and simple. So everything that you’re learning is ultimately leading you to the mystical experience and that’s what we all want. All of us that are on the spiritual path are craving that direct experience of the divine and we can get it if we stay on that road and accomplish all the steps that are needed to get there. That’s what the Kingdom of Light teachings can do for us.

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