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Direct Divine Light Healing

Direct Divine Light Healing Program

Healing is one of the Greatest Acts of Divine Service

For those who are committed to deepening their spiritual growth and to helping others heal, The Direct Divine Light Healing Program is a two-year certification training in Direct Divine Light Healing™, a full-spectrum aura therapy and one of the most dynamic and effective spiritual healing modalities. This program empowers you to help others to heal and accelerate your spiritual growth by deepening your own direct connection to the Divine.

Second in the Institute’s three-level training, this program trains students in the sacred art of administering of Divine Light to others, and how to build up their own healing power to be able to facilitate the exhilarated healing currents. Regardless if the goal is to become a professional healer, this program will take participants to greater spiritual heights and exhilarate their Divine unfoldment.

Ideal for doctors, holistic practitioners, massage therapists, and nurses who wish to enhance their healing skills or anyone who wishes to delve deeply into their spiritual nature. A certificate is awarded on completion.

Offered by invitation only. Prerequisite: Certification in Seven Spiritual Arts Training Program.


Spiritual Healing

This program will take participants to greater spiritual heights and exhilarate their Divine unfoldment.

Topics Covered:

  • The principles of spiritual healing
  • The dynamics of the astral and mental etheric bodies
  • The various types of healing applications, including mental, emotional, physical, astral, absentee, and soul healing
  • Developing your connection to etheric healers
  • The principles of direct healing with spiritual energy
  • How to maintain a healing consciousness
  • Identifying spiritual symptoms
  • Healing and your spiritual evolution
  • Working with your Divine aura
  • Understanding the dynamics of the etheric, astral, mental and causal templates
  • Keys to spiritual discernment
  • Building spiritual character
  • Connecting to the celestial part of your aura
  • The relationship of healing and spiritual evolution
  • Incorporating aura healing in holistic and traditional forms of healing