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The Seven Spiritual Arts

The Spiritual Keys Of Living

The study of applying spiritual principles in all phases of human activity

Behind all your daily activities and interactions with other people lies a great purpose – your spiritual growth. Your success or failure, your happiness or unhappiness in life is ultimately determined by your awareness and participation in this greater purpose.

In this course, you will learn how your auric field is the energetic nucleus of all your activities including career, finances and relationships, and how through the aura you can generate the power to create your heart’s desire and make your spirituality a stronger presence in your life.

Topics Covered:

  • The 12 avenues of your human earth affairs
  • The Hermetic Center and your soul
  • The turquoise ray and prosperity principles
  • Transforming your relationships into acts of Divine Love
  • Your career and spiritual purpose
  • Compassion, love and forgiveness
  • Developing strong will power to manifest your dreams
  • The keys to living spiritual truths

Cost: $290

Sessions: 6

Schedule: Dates TBA