I love the classes and received so much on spiritual level that I did not expect. I continue to work with the Divine Light in meditation. What stood out most in the program was the wealth of information that Dimitri and Barbara provided. Dimitri is an excellent teacher–clear, concise and his knowledge is profound. I am inspired by Dimitri and Barbara’s wealth of information and their genuine love of teaching and helping us to connect to Divine Love. Thank you for allowing me to join this temple of knowledge.
Marie , Azusa, CA
I had been wandering around in the ancient cultures mainly mystic and religious traditions for many years till I found Spiritual Art Institute. I felt it a navigation light beaming towards me! I found the school to study the metaphysics in non-denominational approach, the one unifying spiritual hierarchy for all humanity! This was what I really had been seeking in my life. I sincerely wish to let you know how happy and elated I am in this class of SAI.
Minna, China
Barbara and Dimitri present mind-boggling information. Expect to smile and laugh a lot as they share their knowledge in a down-to-earth style, intertwining personal experiences and humor to underscore key concepts.Since starting the Spiritual Arts program nearly three years ago, I’ve experienced incredible changes in all aspects of my life. What I thought was already great has magnified in ways I never imagined. So I now find myself with this wonderful list of tangible ways I’ve changed. But I’ve also changed in ways that aren’t adequately described by mere words that don’t even begin to capture the true essence of how I’ve actually experienced those remarkable differences in my life. And then, there’s the light’s ripple effect, where through some spiritual osmosis, those I interact with seem to benefit from the light, as well. The surprises keep coming! Barbara and Dimitri are genuinely passionate and relentlessly committed to helping those who want to grow spiritually. In fact, I don’t think you’ll find a better “deal” on Earth.
Nancy, Encinitas, CA
I’ve been involved in classes for a few years now. I can’t express enough how much value is in this work. With the help of the Holy Ones, Barbara, and Dimitri, I have overcome so many obstacles that have disrupted my life in so many ways. Cycles of addiction have been completely broken. I’m finally freed and feel my purpose is now on track. I live in a place where this work is not prevalent and it is difficult to find people yearning to be on the path of enlightenment. With SAI and the online classes, I found a whole community of people who share the passion for developing our connection to God. I am forever grateful to the Holy Ones, Barbara, Dimitri and the whole SAI community!
Janine, Lenoir, North Carolina
This course [Change Your Aura Foundation course] was a real epiphany for me. The information and Divine Meditations by Dimitri & Barbara presented turned my way of looking at things with a feeling of tremendous solace. I ended up taking a plethora of notes and information. I felt tremendous comfort and confidence in my some of my attitudes and dealing with issues and outlooks. My goal [in class] was to reduce the pain in my hand as it remained very stiff after my injury. I made more progress during the six short weeks in class than I had the previous several months prior! I can’t thank everyone enough in so clearly articulating with an easy to follow format in such an all encompassing and overwhelming subject matter.
Elliot , Beverly Hills, CA
The course [Change Your Aura foundation course] was very interesting. I could see how working with Light shifts consciousness and brings changes in physical matter, supporting me mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically and spiritually. Overall it was a very good experience with valuable information and practices, with an ongoing excellent mentoring support in between classes. Very recommended!
B.M, Spain
The powerful spiritual insights and Light Working techniques I have learned from Barbara Martin over the years have made a deeper and more profound positive change in my life than any other single experiential influence.
I have had the privilege of knowing Barbara for the last thirty years. As a long-standing student and friend, I have known her to be a powerful spiritual force in the lives of those who have come into contact with her, myself included. She has dedicated her life to the healing and transformation of others while always acknowledging that she is only a channel and not the source of power.
The Spiritual Arts classes make a huge difference in one’s life. I can tell the difference in my overall mood. If I meditate before going to bed, I wake up feeling energized, clear-minded, uplifted. Things move in the right direction and more easily with regular meditation. And it’s fairly simple and brief for such a life benefit. Come to think of it, time to go meditate!
Working and studying with Barbara and Dimitri has helped my life immensely. I appreciate that she helps me without judging – only with lots of love. Barbara has helped me release anger and fear from past experiences. The techniques she has taught me have helped me to forgive those who have hurt me and for me to understand this fits into my life plan. I especially appreciate Barbara’s sense of humor!
This work is very powerful. I had a mean, loud boss who yelled a lot. I couldn’t seem to find another job so that I could leave there. I was working with the light every day. (There is a whole section in the aura book on getting the perfect job.) We were doing a forgiveness exercise in one of the seminars, and the thought came to me to forgive my boss. At first I thought, “What does forgiving my boss have to do with getting another job. But the impression was very strong to forgive him. In doing the forgiveness exercise, I actually saw the black cloud of hate I had generated towards this man. I didn’t realize my resentment was that strong. Wow! I got a new job a few days later!
My journey with Barbara started thirty years ago. I was drawn to the class because of the incredibly high vibrations I experienced there. It was as if I were lifted into a higher plane, a plane vibrating with golden light and joy. Even now, three decades later, each meeting is like a lighthouse showing me the way amidst the barrage of distractions so typical of our everyday life. It is not only Barbara, but the presence of our spirit teachers that make the classes so exciting, uplifting and immensely valuable.
After meditating and bringing down light, I’ve been able to see many colors of light. As my work continues, the light has grown stronger, more compelling and iridescent. My Achilles tendon that was injured while jogging has gotten much better as a result of my work with Barbara
I “stumbled” onto your book and started reading yesterday, and I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us this book. I have been suffering from serious fatigue and depression (suicidal) for almost 10 years, I have read hundreds of book, sought spiritual readings, and have only gotten worse over the years–I did your higher self meditation yesterday and this morning with the orange and blue rays, and I am happier then I have EVER been in my ENTIRE life. All my fears, worries, depression and anxieties just dissolved. I just can’t thank you enough– I have been waiting for the book my entire life. I wish I could of met you years ago and had a reading by you. There just isn’t words that can express my gratitude for putting this book out. I have hope and happiness again, I am positive about life and WANT to live for the first time in years. I hope that one day I will have the opportunity to meet and/or work with you. I hope that I will be able to see auras, like you can, one day.