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Questions and Answers About The Aura

Does the aura change?

Yes, parts of our aura are constantly changing depending on how we are thinking and feeling. That is our saving grace. We are never stuck with an aura the way it is.

Can I learn to see the aura?

Yes, everyone can, but it requires a great deal of effort and discipline. To be able to see the aura in all its subtleties is not something that is accomplished overnight.

In what way does the aura help me?

The aura is your spiritual support system, and tells you where you are in your consciousness. To change a condition in your life, you must first change your aura.

Can I work with the aura if I cannot see it?

Yes! You do not need to see the aura to work with it any more than you need to see your heart to know it is beating. By sensing the aura and understanding its characteristics, you can apply it in your life and see results.

How do I go about changing my aura?

Your aura improves with your every good word, thought, act, and deed. And you can change your aura by working with spiritual energy.

Is the anatomy of the aura the same for everyone?

Yes. Although no two auras are exactly alike, the basic structure and components of the aura are the same for everyone.

Does everyone have an aura?

Yes. Even if one is not aware of it, every living soul has an auric field.

How does the aura help me in my spiritual growth?

The aura is where you forge your spiritual mettle and where your spiritual unfolding germinates.