Compassionate Earth Lecture Series

with Internationally Renowned Author and Spiritual Teacher Dimitri Moraitis
7:30pm (PST)
Offered Online & In-person

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The Compassionate Earth is a series of divinely inspired, provocative talks on a variety of current affairs. Meditations with Divine Light, prayers and music will be part of the event.

$20 per event.

Message of Dead Sea Scrolls for Today


Conducted by
Internationally Renowned Author and Spiritual Teacher
Dimitri Moraitis

Celebrating 75 years since the historic discovery of the Dead Sea Scroll, the beauty and mystery of these ancient writings continue to intrigue scholars and spiritual truth seekers. While the scrolls stand at the crossroads of two major world religious movements, metaphysics teaches that the scrolls were written by a religious and mystical group known of the Essenes who were very active during the time of Jesus. While little is known about the Essenes today, they remain unsung heroes who laid the foundation for a new era of spiritual development for civilization.

Join renowned author and teacher Dimitri Moraitis as he share inspired insights from the Divine on life and mission of the Essenes and how their apocalyptic message of the end of times and beginning of a New Day is alive and relevant today as humanity heads for a new era of spiritual opportunity.

Offered Online and In-Person
Friday, December 9, 6:30pm-7:30pm PT

Cost: $20 per event
As we are a non-profit, donations welcomed.

In-person location
Spiritual Arts Institute, 527 Encinitas Blvd Suite 206, Encinitas, CA 92024  800.650.AURA (2872)

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