While we think of culture as relating to social behaviors and customs around the world, from the metaphysical perspective, culture deals with the noble expression of divine attributes. These attributes are the reflection of twelve streams of power that flow from the heaven worlds. They weave into every aspect of society, both individually and collectively. They inspire humanity to be its highest and best self.

What’s more, you are born under one of these heavenly cultural rays. As part of your spiritual growth, you are meant to express your cultural ray attribute to unfold your soul qualities and better cooperate with others and the cultural rays they embody.

In this extraordinary workshop, join Barbara and Dimitri as they explore the twelve cultural rays and how you can better embody them in your life. Discover what your own cultural ray is and participate in meditative exercises to enhance your aura and strengthen the connection to these heavenly powers.

• How, in your many incarnations, you will experience and embody all twelve cultural attributes as part of building character and evolving your soul.
• Insights into the twelve archangels who administer these holy energies.
• Why cooperation, communication and tolerance are key qualities to keep life balanced, as all twelve cultural rays are equally valuable and essential to the divine plan.
• How nations, religions, and ethnic groups are under their own collective cultural power rays.
• Keys to building better social and spiritual communities.

As part of this ground-breaking event, clairvoyant Insight into your cultural ray will be given.

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  • $60.00 $50.00
  • $50 in advance/ $60 day of
  • Saturday, December 9th
  • 1:00 - 3:00pm PT