Discover New Insights Into Your Life!

Unlocking the Power of Numerology
Creating Success with Numbers, Language and the Aura

Numerology is the science of the spiritual influence of numbers and language on human life.

In this fascinating workshop based on clairvoyant insight, discover new understandings into the ancient practice of numerology and how it is connected to your auric field.

Numbers, letters and language systems of the world possess spiritual power that can enhance and uplift your life. Explore how the letters of your name, the date of your birth, even the address where you live all vibrate to certain frequencies that affect your aura. Learn the spiritual system of working with numbers and letters to gain insights into yourself and create more balance, harmony and success in all that you do.


  • How each of the ten numbers has an elevating, neutral or detrimental effect, depending on how you vibrate with it
  • How to choose a name based on numerological power
  • Keys to determine compatibility in relationships
  • Numbers that help in creativity, finances and leadership
  • How each language has its own vibration and numerological system
  • Meditations with Divine Light to strengthen the numerological vibrations in you and support your spiritual journey

Demonstration of clairvoyant aura readings is part of this event.


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  • Saturday, September 23rd
  • 1:00pm - 3:00pm PT
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