Universal Mind and Overcoming Mass Hypnosis

with Workshop conducted by Award-winning Author and Spiritual Teacher Dimitri Moraitis
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March 25
2:30pm (PST)

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We marvel in this information age how much human knowledge is readily accessible and how quickly we can communicate with each other which has greatly improved the quality of life. Yet we are also keenly aware of the dangers of misinformation and disinformation and how fast that false information can now travel.

There is a mental dimension in the spiritual realms far more vast than any technology marvel on Earth. This dimension is called universal mind. Within universal mind is every thought humanity has ever had, is having now, and will ever have. These mass thoughts can be good, bad or indifferent. We are all swimming in the sea of universal mind, tapping into its collective ideas as we would sign onto the Internet. It is through universal mind that we can cooperate together in a common purpose propelling us to great good or to great evil.

In this eye-opening workshop, discover how to tune out of the world’s mass hypnosis and into your own true self. Learn effective meditations with Divine Light to purify and steady your consciousness to be open to divine inspiration flowing from realms greater than universal mind, yet refuse to succumb to the bombardments of mass hypnotic thinking.


Offered online and In-person

Saturday, March 25
1:00pm-2:30pm PT


As we are a non-profit, donations welcomed.

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