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Request Absentee Healing

Request Absentee Healing

Request a healing for yourself in any area of life: physical, mental, emotion, and spiritual.

You may request a healing for yourself and/or others in any area of life: physical, mental, emotion, spiritual, as well as in any aspect of personal affairs such as job, finances and relationships. Your request goes into our healing book and the prayer work begins immediately. Your request is also included in our prayer circle in which all Institute students participate.

When requesting a healing, keep in mind that the first duty of any spiritual healing is to help draw souls closer to God. Illness or any type of distressing condition is really a call to God. Relief from illness or distress is a by-product of realigning with the God Power. The Institute cannot make any guarantees that the healing work will resolve an ailment or condition, but we can guarantee that the healing light and love will go to you. It is our experience that absentee healing is very effective as countless testimonials have attested.

We advise if you have or suspect you have a medical problem, immediately see your doctor or healthcare provider. Absentee healing is a compliment not a replacement for trained medical help.

Prayer Request (Absentee Healing)

  • Prayer for those who have died and passed on
  • Healing request for the animal kingdom. They are going through the process of spiritual growth too and need our prayers! Simply name the animal or animals. Animals who have made their transition go here as well.