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New Release!
Heaven and Your Spiritual Evolution
Fine Art Illustrations

Heaven and Your Spiritual Evolution

Created by artist Jonathan Wiltshire, these fine art illustrations will be featured in Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis’ upcoming book Heaven and Your Spiritual Evolution.

Drawing from scenes of the spiritual worlds depicted in the upcoming book as well as his own creative inspiration, Jonathan’s illustrations are based on Barbara’s clairvoyant descriptions of what she has seen and experienced over fifty years as an accomplished metaphysical teacher, healer and author.

These eight beautiful, full-color illustrations bring the breadth and splendor of the spiritual worlds vividly to life. They depict the exciting story of your spiritual unfoldment—from the awakening to the greater life, through the process of enlightenment and then into the glories of heaven. Each step upward on the spiritual ladder corresponds to actual spiritual realms that you experience and embody.

These high-quality prints are inspirations for your spiritual journey.