Entering The Heaven Worlds

This illustration depicts the triumphal entry into the first of seven heavens known as Spiritual Etheria. The heavenly couple depicted here are soulmates who have graduated to the heavenly realms. They are in a celestial city and are greeted by a group of heavenly souls who are citizens of this realm. There is song and dance as they rejoice in greeting the new arrivals. They are in a courtyard with exquisite roses and flowers. There is an ethereal tree mystics have called the Tree of Life because it brings in the ethereal, eternal vibration—the fruits of spirit. Behind the celestial couple is a grand building known as The Cathedral of the Soul. It represents the wisdom the soul gathers through earned experience. In the sky, there is a temple suspended in the air blessing the inhabitants of the city with divine energies from heaven worlds that lie beyond Spiritual Etheria, inspiring souls in their heavenly climb.


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