Change Your Aura, Change Your Life – Newly Revised Edition

Step-by-Step Guide to Unfolding Your Spiritual Power
by Barbara Y. Martin with Dimitri Moraitis


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The classic and bestselling guide to working with your body’s auric energies—now revised and updated!

Discover your source of unlimited spiritual energy. Everything you think, feel, and do radiates a spiritual energy that comes through in various colors and hues: This is your aura, your spiritual blueprint. By changing the quality of your aura, you can automatically change the quality of your life. In this groundbreaking book, renowned aura expert Barbara Y. Martin—known as the Mozart of Metaphysics—leads you through her technique of meditating with Divine Light to improve and strengthen the aura, which has been taught to thousands of students over decades.

Whether or not you see auras, this breakthrough book will reveal:

  • What the various colors of the aura mean and say about you
  • How to work with the power rays of spiritual enrichment—love, prosperity, healing, and wisdom
  • More than ninety meditations to deepen personal relationships, advance your career, and transform destructive emotions
  • The aura as it relates to spiritual evolution
  • Wearing colors in clothing to enhance your aura
  • How to become more spiritual and closer to God

Winner 2017 Nautilus Book Award

Title: Change Your Aura, Change Your Life
Subtitle: A Step-by-Step guide to Unfolding Your Spiritual Power
Author: Barbara Y. Martin with Dimitri Moraitis
Publisher: Penguin / Tarcher
Category: Spirituality / Personal Growth / Auras
Format: Trade paperback
ISBN: 978-1101983065
Publish Date: 04-26-2016
Pages: 336
Illustrations: 12 color, 8 B/W
Price: $20.00
Trim: 7.4 x 9.1 inches