Building New Spiritual Power Workshop Audio Recording

Building New Spiritual Power Workshop Audio Recording

Exclusive access to the live audio recording from the two – hour workshop with Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis “Building New Spiritual Power to Fulfill Your Life’s Purpose.” (recorded on June 9, 2018)


Are you expressing your full talents and abilities? Do you feel stuck in your life journey or know there is more for you to do in reaching your potential? Metaphysics teaches that every soul has a purpose, the part each of us plays in the great divine plan. The vision of this plan is known as The Tapestry of Life. The power to accomplish this purpose is placed in our aura and consciousness. Yet many times, we don’t complete all we came to earth to do. Why? In this inspiring workshop, join Barbara and Dimitri as they offer insights and meditative tools to help unfold the power that’s within you to reach your spiritual potential.

Explore how, all too often, we simply do not apply ourselves to the full breadth of what we are capable of. This means we can do better, try harder, think bigger. Learn to work with the power of your aura to help break through negative energy patterns and apparent blocks that inhibit your success. There is nothing more satisfying than completing your life’s tasks!


  • Tools to better envision your purpose and allow your imagination to see the fuller picture of who and what you really are.
  • How to better handle internal stumbling blocks such as: traumas of the past, bad habits, low self-esteem, discouragement and disappointment.
  • The various spiritual stages of your life and taking the long-view of success.
  • Keys to developing parts of your auric field that are the creative manifestation centers to put ideas into action.


For a deeper understanding of The Tapestry of Life, purchase the audio of Barbara and Dimitri’s Workshop Fulfilling Your Tapestry of Life by visiting: www.spiritualarts.org/store



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