Sea of Life Workshop Series: Part 1 Love is Life, Life is Love

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Exclusive access to the live audio recording from the two – hour workshop with Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis “Building Your Life on the Eternal Spiritual Foundations: How to Work with Your Auric Field to Unfold the Expressive Power of Your Soul” (recorded on March 30, 2019)


A Sea of Life Four-Part Series!
Part 1: Love is Life, Life is Love

Mystical traditions throughout the world have emphasized an ultimate reality or ultimate principle behind physical life. It has been called by various names including the Tao, Brahman, the Unknown Root of All Existence and the Sea of Life. Some have equated this principle of all principles with that which we call God. It is taught that this Unknown Root is the creative source of everything. By living in harmony with this ultimate principle, we produce all the good and joy in life.

In this ground-breaking workshop series, Barbara and Dimitri offer fresh insights into this age-old study. Based on clairvoyant experiences and drawing from The Kingdom of Light Teachings, explore how the root of all existence relates not only to your spiritual evolution, but to everything you are doing, from building character, career goals, family and relationships, to financial abundance, health and well-being. Learn meditative techniques with Divine Light to help you be more effective, efficient, and energetic in all you do.


  • How your aura reveals where you are in the expression of the Unknown Root.
  • A four-step spiritual process that is key to the grand arc of your evolution and to success in immediate activities and projects.
  • Techniques to being more effective in applying spiritual principles in your active life.
  • How wisdom is earned experience and how the only way you can internalize spiritual truth is by living that truth.
  • Ways to avoiding the many distractions and diversions that can pull you away from living in harmony with the spiritual processes of life.
  • How the principle of ultimate reality relates to God.

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