Sea of Life Series Part 3: Divine Rhythm and the Breath of Eternity

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Exclusive access to the live audio recording from the two – hour workshop with Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis “Divine Rhythm and the Breath of Eternity Workshop” (recorded on September 21, 2019)


One of the basic processes common to all living things is breath. Science calls this process respiration. Metaphysically, respiration is an attribute of the spiritual life. God breathes, the universe breathes, and even your soul has breath. This celestial process has been called the holy breath or the breath of eternity. It is through this eternal breath that all the divine rhythms of life are generated. When you live in harmony with the breath of eternity, all aspects of your life—physical, mental and spiritual—flow in divine rhythm. Yet how do you keep your spiritual equilibrium when the activities of life, and your own internal struggles, seem to pull you in different directions at the same time?  

In this illuminating workshop based on decades of clairvoyant study, discover how your aura is not only the first place you make changes in your life, it is the first place you set the rhythm of your life. Your aura vibrates; it moves in various rhythmic flows. When your aura is in harmony, your life moves in spiritual rhythm. When there is discord in you, these auric rhythms are disturbed, and can weaken or compromise the spiritual power you can employ. Learn how to deepen your connection to the breath of eternity and its unique relationship to the spiritual root of all life. Participate in meditative techniques with Divine Light to help strengthen your internal auric rhythms to be more effective and energetic in all you do. 


  •  The different rhythmic energies of the auric field, and how you can better align with them.
  • Keys to living a spiritually balanced life regardless of conditions around you.
  • How to deal with internal challenges that can affect your spiritual harmony and equilibrium. 
  • Meditative techniques to being more effective in applying spiritual principles in your active life.

Demonstration of clairvoyant aura readings is part of this event.