Sea of Life Series Part 2: Mind, The Navigator of the Soul

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Exclusive access to the live audio recording from the two – hour workshop with Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis “Mind, The Navigator of the Soul” (recorded on June 29, 2019)


One of the great goals in your spiritual journey is to control and still the mind. It is key to success and satisfaction in everything you do. The mind is the navigator of the soul, and a disturbed or overbearing mind can lead the soul in the wrong direction with calamitous results. A still and centered mind sets the condition for inspiration to flow and for the intellect to operate at its potential. Yet how do you keep the mind at peace while in the midst of the activities and dramas of life?

In this inspiring workshop based on decades of clairvoyant study, discover how stilling the mind is not just about quieting mental processes or slowing them down as if you were going to sleep. It’s about establishing one of the most essential, alert mental states of being – The Silence of Peace. This mental state unfolds when you align your mind with the eternal mind – the mind from which everything is born. Learn how to deepen your connection to this infinite mind and its unique relationship to the spiritual root of all life. Participate in meditative techniques with Divine Light to help you be mentally more effective, efficient, and energetic in all you do.


  • How mind is born of love and ways to express a more compassionate, mental point of view.
  • Applying a four-step spiritual process that is essential to illuminating the mind and increasing its inspirational power.
  • How mind and soul—head and heart—work together in your spiritual evolution.
  • Meditative techniques to being more effective in applying spiritual principles in your active life.