Our Worldview and Mission

Our Worldview

There is a New Day of mystical renewal for humanity on the horizon.

We are all contributing to its arrival. This is the time when the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds will be lifted a little, and all humanity will interact more directly with the Divine.

Today, civilization is going through the growing pains as we are heading to a more illumined age. The challenges of humanity are real, but don’t buy the gloom and doom scenarios. The world is getting better, not worse. This is the time for you to make your stand—to aspire to greater spiritual heights, and to contribute to society for the greater good.

If one soul were missing, creation would not be complete. You are essential to life and the divine process. You make a difference.

We at Spiritual Arts Institute are here to help make your spiritual growth a higher priority in your life. We offer the space, the support and fellowship that can help you reach your spiritual potential.

We offer tools of spiritual growth, follow a 4,000 year mystical tradition—a nondenominational Christ-centered metaphysics—that draws in fresh, spiritual inspiration to bring you closer to the Divine and the infinite flow of life.

If you feel the need for mystical training and guidance, if you are tired of being on the spiritual merry-go-round, check us out and see what we have to offer you.

Join us in the great spiritual adventure!

Our Mission

Helping Souls Grow

All our programs, courses, events and books are geared toward facilitating the spiritual evolution of each soul through the time-honored practice of metaphysics—the most ancient mystical science and art that has successfully steered countless aspiring souls through the ages in their quest for divine enlightenment.

In this accelerated age of progress, it is more important than ever to reestablish the mystical root of society and the divine nature of our own soul. It is our mission to help reassign metaphysics its proper place in the study of human development.

SAI emphasizes a metaphysical tradition known as The Kingdom of Light Teachings™️. Founded upon a rich four-thousand year old tradition that can be traced back to the early Hebrew mystics, these nondenominational Christ-based mystical teachings are designed to awaken the Christ consciousness in you and evolve your soul. They are presented in a practical, educational context, embrace all aspects of spiritual study and are designed to accommodate the blossoming in human consciousness. They are enjoying a renaissance today as many more people are awakening to the spiritual life and desire to find a teaching that can help them realize their highest spiritual aspirations.

Whether you are looking for fresh inspiration in your spiritual growth or searching for a metaphysical tradition to delve into deeply, The Kingdom of Light Teachings offer a most beautiful interpretation of the pathway to God.

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