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About Spiritual Arts Institute

Awaken Your Spiritual Potential.

A Community of Fellow Spiritual Travelers

Welcome to Spiritual Arts Institute, the premier metaphysical school for the aura, healing and spiritual growth. Founded by Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis, Spiritual Arts Institute is a non-profit, educational corporation located in Encinitas, CA, with a global online, student community. The mission of the Institute is to help people accelerate their spiritual evolution.

The Institute’s programs are developed by the inspired, experienced teachings of Martin and Moraitis. They are founded on a rich 4,000 year mystical tradition known as The Kingdom of Light Teachings™ and built on Barbara’s clairvoyant experiences and training over five decades. Supported by a dedicated staff and trained faculty, the Institute offers certification programs in personal spiritual development, Divine Light healing and metaphysical teaching.

The Institute’s publishing division produces metaphysical books, videos, and audios based on the works of Martin and Moraitis. Their award-winning books are published worldwide and are designed to share the mystical Divine Light teachings with spiritual truth seekers throughout the world.

A Message from our Founding Teachers Barbara Y. Martin & Dimitri Moraitis

Authors, Teachers, and Co-Founders of Spiritual Arts Institute

“This is one of the best times to get involved with metaphysics as we are at the beginning of a great spiritual renaissance. As exciting as new technological wonders have been, each of us has an even more vital opportunity to develop our spiritual nature and finally unveil some of the mysteries of life that have been hidden for so long.
We encourage you to join us in this great adventure and wish you God’s blessings in all your spiritual pursuits.”

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