The Seven Spiritual Arts Program

Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth
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A Comprehensive, Two and a Half Year
Spiritual Growth Training

Created and taught by award-winning authors and spiritual teachers

and Spiritual Arts Faculty

Learn one of the most effective spiritual practices for accelerating soul growth. Barbara and Dimitri’s signature program is based on decades of teaching to thousands of students and on a 4,000 year tradition that draws in fresh, spiritual inspiration. These mystical arts offer essential spiritual skills you can apply in any aspect of life from career, finances, and relationships to building a more direct connection with the Divine.

As the seven liberal arts helps you strengthen for the intellectual rigors of life, these seven spiritual arts give you the tools to handle the spiritual challenges and opportunities that life presents and awaken more-fully your inner, divine life.

As Part of the training

Barbara Y. Martin
Affectionately known as the “Mozart of metaphysics”, Barbara is one of the foremost mystic clairvoyants and metaphysical teachers.
50 Years Of Direct, Clairvoyant Experience

The Seven Spiritual Arts Books

Program courses are built on Barbara and Dimitri’s best-selling books offering some of the most comprehensive, in-depth knowledge on metaphysics available anywhere. Their books have been endorsed by medical luminaries, Dr. Norman Shealy and Dr. Richard Gerber, as well as New Science pioneers Amit Goswami and Noble prize nominee Ervin Laszlo. They have received the Benjamin Franklin book award The Nautilus book award for excellence.

An Invitation from Dimitri and Barbara

Your Spiritual Teachers

“Spiritual grow the maturing of the soul’s inner, mystical nature and ascent through the various dimensions of life in all their glory, splendor, mystery and wonder. There is nothing more satisfying than fulfilling your purpose and reaching your spiritual potential. Do everything you can to make your spiritual unfoldment an even higher priority. It’s a remarkable time when the Divine is coming closer than ever before to help us in our spiritual evolution.”

Barbara Martin


Dimitri Moraitis

Co-Founder & Spiritual Director

What People are Saying

Start Your Mystical Journey with the Aura
The Fuel of Your Spiritual Growth
Try us out for six weeks with our signature course Change Your Aura, Change Your Life.

The Mystical Journey Through the Seven Spiritual Arts Training

The Seven Spiritual Arts Program consists of ten, six-week courses offered quarterly over two and a half years.

Participating in sustained, spiritual training gives you the time, support and experience to truly develop your soul’s potential and become skilled in the art and science of metaphysics.  A Metaphysician certification is offered upon successful completion.

Prerequisite to Other Courses

Change Your Aura, Change Your Life Course

Deepening the mystical connection to the Divine Light and spiritual worlds

Seven Spiritual Arts Course

Introduction to the Spiritual Mysteries

Deepening the mystical connection to the Divine Light and spiritual worlds

Seven Spiritual Arts Course

The Tapestry of Life

Understanding the energetic design of your life path and how to strengthen the connection to your purpose.
Seven Spiritual Arts Course

The Healing Power of Your Aura

Strengthening physical and spiritual well-being.

Seven Spiritual Arts Course

Anatomy of the Aura

Enlightening the multifaceted nature of the human energy field.

Seven Spiritual Arts Course

Karma and Reincarnation

The dynamics of the soul’s embodiment in physical form and the law of cause and effect.

Seven Spiritual Arts Course

Communing With the Divine

How to work with celestial beings and build a stronger direct communication.

Seven Spiritual Arts Course

The Spiritual Keys of Living

How to effectively apply spiritual principles in all phases of human activity.

Seven Spiritual Arts Course

The Secret of Consciousness

Developing higher states of consciousness through the study of mind, soul, and your spiritual identity.

Seven Spiritual Arts Course

Heaven and Your Spiritual Evolution

Understanding how spiritual growth is the process of evolving through the spiritual realms of life.

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