Metaphysical Training Programs

Fulfill your soul’s potential.
Spiritual Arts Institute is delighted to offer you an extraordinary series of profound and practical metaphysical programs. For those dedicated to their spiritual development, these experiential courses encourage personal mystical experiences and are designed to help fulfill your soul’s potential. You will receive instruction and guidance from two of the most experienced spiritual teachers working today, Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis, who draw on fifty years of inspired, direct clairvoyant experiences.
A Prerequisite to Other Courses

Change Your Aura,
Change Your Life Course

A Six-Week Course To Learn How To Meditate With Divine Light

Based on the bestselling book and built on 50 years of clairvoyant research, this course is a stand-alone training and the gateway to all the programs offered at the Institute.

Discover the most effective, comprehensive meditation to enrich any aspect of your aura and life.

A Comprehensive Spiritual Growth Training

The Seven Spiritual
Arts Program

A Comprehensive, Two Year+ Spiritual Growth Training
As the seven liberal arts were designed to prepare the soul for the intellectual rigors of life, these seven mystical arts offer essential Divine Light principles that build an enduring foundation of spiritual skills which you can apply in any aspect of life from career, finances and relationships to helping you accelerate your own spiritual growth.
One Of The Greatest Acts Of Divine Service

Direct Divine Light
Healing Program

A Three-Year Certification Training In Direct Divine Light Healing

Building on the Seven Spiritual Arts Program, this three-year certification program deepens your spiritual growth and helps others heal through a full-spectrum auric therapy.

Delve deep into the sacred art of administering Divine Light to others.

Develop Your Full Spiritual Potential

Kingdom of Light
Teacher Program

Advanced Training In The Inner Mysteries

For those who want to continue life-long learning in the spiritual arts, The Kingdom of Light Teacher Program is an advanced training in the inner mysteries that offers students the opportunity to continue in their spiritual studies and develop their full spiritual potential through the Institute.

Join Us

In-Person or Online
Join us in-person at our 3,000 sq. ft. training center in beautiful Encinitas, California, or virtually via our state-of-the-art online video teleconferencing from anywhere in the world. Students can log onto a secure website from their computer, tablet or mobile phone, and join in real-time to see and hear course lectures, join in-group meditations, receive spiritual blessings, and ask questions.

Spiritual Arts
Annual Retreats

Once a year, students gather from around the world to participate in our annual retreat.

This is the highlight of the year for SAI where profound in-person meditation is conducted. Students go through a personal initiation into the next level of their spiritual unfoldment. It is also a wonderful time to deepen the community fellowship with the remarkable group of people who comprise the Spiritual Arts family.

Open to all who are part of the Institute’s training programs.

What People are Saying

50 Years Of Direct, Clairvoyant Experience

The Seven Spiritual Arts Books

Program courses are built on Barbara and Dimitri’s best-selling books offering some of the most comprehensive, in-depth knowledge on metaphysics available anywhere. Their books have been endorsed by medical luminaries, Dr. Norman Shealy and Dr. Richard Gerber, as well as New Science pioneers Amit Goswami and Noble prize nominee Ervin Laszlo. They have received the Benjamin Franklin book award The Nautilus book award for excellence.


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