Higher Self Meditations With Divine Light

SAI Faculty
Every Monday
09:00am (PST)

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Led by SAI Faculty

Experience the transformative power of receiving Divine Light from your Higher Self to bless uplift your auric field and life. By meditating with Divine Light to improve and strengthen your aura, you can make changes in your life faster, more effectively and with greater chances of sustained success. There are many spiritual energies to work with, and each offers inspiration and enrichment in any aspect of life from relationship, career, prosperity and healing, as well as to develop your soul’s potential and draw closer to the Divine source.

Join us every week for a twenty-minute live, guided meditation. Based on the meditation practice taught in the international, bestselling book Change Your Aura, Change Your Life and a 4,000 year tradition developed by mystic clairvoyant and teacher, and co-founder of Spiritual Arts Institute Barbara Y. Martin.


Offered Online Only
Free / Donations welcome


THE SAI FACULTY comes from diverse backgrounds yet have a common goal to share the metaphysical wisdom of The Kingdom of Light Teachings. They have been trained by the Institute’s founders, Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis, and have made these teachings their personal spiritual path. Teacher certifications require seven to ten years or more of training.

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Complimentary Meditation

Download this free meditation: Dimitri Moraitis leads you through a guided meditation to invite and receive the turquoise ray of prosperity and abundance. 

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