Media Appearances

View and listen to Dimitri Moraitis on podcasts, radio shows and video appearances.

Tapping into Your Spiritual Bank Account

Sunday Service at Unity of Dallas Church
June 30, 2024

Reincarnation, the Afterlife, and Its Relationship to Karma

The Life Changes Show with Filippo Voltaggio
June 16, 2024

The Power of Divine Forgiveness

Vox Novus with Victor Fuhrman
June 13, 2024

Change Your Aura, Change Your Life!

Just Ask Spirit with Sherianna Boyle
May 28, 2024

Enlightenment Across Lifetimes

Beyond Belief with George Noory
April 3, 2024

Journey to Spiritual Awakening

The Mindfulness Experience with Keith Fiveson
April 2, 2024

Dating and Romance From the Metaphysical Point of View

by Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis, The Eden Magazine
April 1, 2024

Awakening Your Aura: The Path to Inner Growth

The James Granstrom Podcast
March 28, 2024

Review: Change Your Aura, Change Your Life

Money for Lunch by Adam Lee
March 7, 2024

The Importance of Your Angelic Teachers

By Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis, Body Mind Spirit Guide
February 28, 2024

Chronicles from an Awakened Soul

Awakened Nation with Brad Szollose
February 27, 2024

Spirituality Talk with Oliver

Spirituality Talk with Oliver Podcast with Oliver George Cartledge
January 30, 2024

Finding God in the 21st Century

by Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis, Eden Magazine (pages 52-54)
January 27, 2024

The Radical Guide to Spiritual Growth (Transform Your Life Now!)

Higher Density Living with Jason Rigby
January 16, 2024

Unlocking the Power Within

The Advisor With Stacey Chillemi
November 9, 2023

The 7 Spiritual Laws behind: Karma, Reincarnation, and Spiritual Development

Inspired Evolution with Amrit Sandhu
October 3, 2023

Top Three Signs You Are Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening

A Fine Time for Healing with Randi Fine
September 27, 2023

The Courage to Transform Your Life

Voices of Courage Show with Ken D Foster.
September 20, 2023

Collective Karma

Best Self Magazine Podcast with Barbara Y. Martin & Dimitri Moraitis
August 13, 2023

How To Connect With Your Inner Divine Self

The Good Question Podcast with Richard Jacobs
August 9, 2023

The Aura – Colors You Want, Colors You Don’t Want, and How to Bring new Colors In!

by Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis, The Eden Magazine
August 1, 2023

Collective Karma: What Is It and How Can We Work With It to Contribute to a Better World?

by Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis, Best Self Magazine
June 25, 2023

Interview with Dimitri Moraitis

Interview with Dimitri on KCXR 90.7 FM
April 27, 2023

Neurotechnology Frontiers / Spiritual Dimensions

Coast to Coast AM with George Noory
April 26, 2023

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