Communing With the Divine Course​

a Seven Spiritual Arts Program Course

Course Overview

How to work with celestial beings and build a stronger communication with Divine

From Moses talking to the Divine through the vision of the burning bush to the intimate spiritual inspirations we receive every day, humanity has always had a special connection to the Divine. We are not meant to walk blindly through life without understanding. God had given us the tools to operate with full awareness and spiritual knowing, but we have to build this awareness through the way we live our life.

This course covers the sacred art of theophany – communication with the Divine. Learn how the Higher works with you every day to help you reach your spiritual destiny. Discover how to develop your intuitive powers to perceive the Divine and what the Higher is saying to you. In addition, you will learn about the various types of spiritual communication, including the difference between psychic and spiritual visions, and dangers to watch out for while walking the path of Light.

Topics Covered

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