Heaven and Your Spiritual Evolution Course

a Seven Spiritual Arts Program Course

Course Overview

Understanding how spiritual growth is the process of evolving through the spiritual realms

Metaphysics teaches you don’t go to heaven just because you have been a good person; you grow to heaven through the gradual, majestic process of spiritual evolution. To become a citizen of heaven, you must first unfold all that you are capable of becoming. Like grades in school, as you unfold who and what you really are as a soul, step-by-step, you grow spiritually. Mystics call this spiritual growth an ascent—your spiritual ascent.

This unforgettable course puts into perspective the whole study of spiritual growth as it relates to metaphysics. It offers a comprehensive view into divine cosmology – humankind’s relationship to God and our place in the Divine scheme of evolution.

Explore the great plan God has for each of us, how you can better recognize your own unique destiny and gain insight as to the next step in your spiritual ascent.

Topics Covered

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