800 Lives to Enlightenment

Taken from Barbara and Dimitri’s latest book, Karma and Reincarnation:

Reincarnation is the Soul’s process of evolution. On average each soul will reincarnate 800 times to forge its spiritual mettle and attain spiritual mastery. It is through the process of rebirth that we are given the opportunities to fully express our free will and work out our karma.

Karma is derived from the Sanskrit root kr, meaning “to do, to make, deed, or act”. Karma is the balancer of life – the harmonizer. It is the principle of action and its effect ~ for every action we take there is an eventual and inescapable effect to that action. “The law of Karma is designed in Love to make you a greater being and realize the great goal you have ~ union with the Divine”.

Of these 800 lifetimes the soul goes through three distinct phases. It spends approximately 200 lifetimes in the instinctual phase (physical life in all its vicissitudes-pain, pleasure, birth, death, sex – essentially survival and instinct), 500 lifetimes in its intellectual phase (the phase in which we become self-aware and awaken to accountability), and 100 lifetimes in its enlightened phase (consciously co-creation with God).

The earth is a wonderful “school house” where souls at different levels of mastery intermingle with each other and help each other along the way. It’s important to honor all levels of development as each has its place in the heart of the Beloved.

Humanity is at a crossroads. A great number of souls are getting ready to make the leap into the enlightened cycle of incarnations. Some have already made the jump. The spiritual renaissance that is blossoming is no accident. Humanity is preparing for a glorious new day in evolution where it will work in closer connection with the divine than ever before.

Using my free will to consciously choose to think/speak/act in co-creation with the Divine is a daily practice and challenge. There are moments when I “fail” and moments when I experience the deep peace of knowing I have made a choice in alignment with my path.

Becoming aware of the daily applications of the law of cause and effect with the “little things”, and most importantly, putting that awareness into action, has proven to be very rewarding. I now fully understand that how I spend my time (energy) will generate equivalent spiritual results. I take into account where I spend my energy (buh-bye procrastination) and with whom I spend it (sorry TV, please don’t call).

Where do you feel you are in your 800 lives?

Are you aware of the law of cause and effect in your daily life?

What are you thoughts about the “new day” coming?

In light,

Jaqueline Marie

Marketing Director


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