The Aura of Relationships

Updated: February living-light, 2016

It goes without saying that relationships are a huge area of our lives. How we handle our interactions with others becomes one of the most important lessons we can learn and is a key component in our spiritual growth.

The dynamics of our relationships show up very clearly in the aura. There is a constant exchange of energy when we are interacting with others. By looking at the color and quality of that energy exchange, one can tell very quickly if the relationship is moving in a productive way.

For example, when two people are in love and that love is genuine, there will be a wonderful exchange of pink light from one aura to the other. The exchange will be mutually enhancing to both people involved. There will also be a bubbly pink champagne energy around each aura. Something as simple as a warm hug can have a wonderful effect on the aura.

On the other hand, if two people are dating, but there is little love there, the energy will shift. Perhaps the attraction is only physical, or one is jealous or possessive of the other. In these cases, the colors seen can move to a grey or vitiated red or even a dark brown indicating the disharmony, fear, anger, etc. This will have the effect of depleting rather than strengthening the auric exchange.

The key energy to work with when it comes to relationships is the deep rose-pink ray of spiritual love. I don’t think there’s such a thing as getting too much of this love ray. I would use this ray in your relationships every day. It’s the ray that gives you the power to heal any type of friction or create the loving relationship you desire.

Most of us know how important love is, so why can it be so difficult to express at times? Our nemesis is our own human ego. Too often, our human nature likes to hold onto its jealousies, angers and hatreds even though these are the very things that hold us back and make us suffer.

To build your spiritual love flow, see others as the spiritual beings that they are. See people in the best possible light and look to the highest in others regardless of what they are showing you. We are all meant to have healthy, harmonious interactions with others. It is this loving exchange that helps carry our souls to greater spiritual heights.

In Divine Light and love,

Barbara Y. Martin


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