Unlocking the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

The subconscious is an amazing part of our mental apparatus. It’s far more encompassing and powerful than most people imagine. The subconscious is the seat of memory. It is a vast storehouse of thoughts, information, and experiences. If the brain is like a computer, then the subconscious is like the hard drive that stores all the information the computer has.

The subconscious records everything you say, think, feel, do verbatim and forgets nothing. You need the subconscious mind. You could simply not retain all that information in your conscious mind. The subconscious mind allows you to automatically perform everyday activities such as driving a car, brushing your teeth, eating, etc. It is said that 95% of bodily functions are regulated by the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is essential in other areas such as building a healthy and dynamic character. The positive things we do are impressed upon the subconscious and form a positive pattern of behavior.

Unlocking the Power of Your Subconscious MindProblems come when negative experiences or destructive patterns of behavior are impressed upon the subconscious. Those negative thoughts or patterns are retrieved later to the conscious mind and this can wreak havoc in our lives. For example, if we are a smoker, we have generated not only a physical addiction, but we have programmed that behavior into our subconscious, which make the habit even harder to break.

By itself, the subconscious mind cannot change anything you send into it. It does not have free will as does the conscious mind. This is why you must be very careful how you program the subconscious mind.

The Divine Light is one of the most effective tools to help cleanse the subconscious mind of disturbing thoughts and mental patterns. Spiritual energy can also help rebuild and strengthen the subconscious with new spiritual power. What many people do not realize is that when a thought is impressed upon the subconscious, there is a spiritual energy associated with that thought that is impressed as well. This is why remembering an old, painful experience can be so disturbing. In retrieving the memory, you are also retrieving the destructive energy associated with that memory. By working with Divine Light, you can release that negative energy diffusing its power and disturbing effect. The thought itself is not erased, just the adverse effect.

In order to have success in your life, you must expect and nurture success. Then and only then can success manifest. It takes effort to turn around conditions like depression, sadness, frustration that have seeped into the subconscious mind. Those patterns were not generated overnight and it will take your dedicated attention to turn them around. The point is you can and are meant to turn them around. By working the spiritual energy, you can quicken the process of strengthen your subconscious mind.

With your subconscious as your ally, you can accomplish great things. You have unlocked a tremendous positive power in your life. On a daily basis, take time to cultivate positive patterns in your subconscious and nourish it with God’s light, and you will see your life blossom.

In Divine Light and love,

Barbara Y. Martin


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