Harmony and Vibration

Spiritual harmonyWe hear so much about mind-body-soul harmony. Certainly it is our job to bring these differing facets of our nature into balance and equilibrium. In addition to harmonizing with each other, mind, body and soul must be in harmony within themselves. If the body is not harmonized, it is difficult to balance the body with the mind and soul. Or if the mind is out of balance, it’s difficult to bring the mind in balance with the body and soul.

If there’s one thing the aura teaches us it’s this: All things in life are in vibration. Everything vibrates. Everything is part of the great substance of life-motion responding to different rates of vibration. When these differing vibrations are in harmony, they comply with cosmic laws. Harmony of being and action is the result. When these vibrations are not in harmony, they disobey natural cosmic laws. Discord and destruction is the result.

Harmony is the basis for unity. Those persons who are not in harmony cannot respond to cosmic law. They will be unable to find enduring happiness and will not be able to work with others in a productive way.

Let’s look at these three harmonies a little closer.

living-light.Physical harmony – Good health, as best as you can, is the basis for physical harmony. Health not only means being physically fit, it means that the physical body is responding to the spiritual impulses impressed upon it. When illness or distress ensues, the body does all it can to maintain equilibrium. When you cooperate and do all you can to restore health when it appears absent, you maintain that equilibrium, even if your body has not yet fully healed. So proper attention— not too much, not too little—is the key to physical harmony.

news. Mental harmony – Aligning your mind with the higher, Divine Mind is the key to mental harmony. This is achieved by keeping pure thoughts in a manner of beauty, rhythm and tone. Exercise the mind. Keep it alert, active and razor sharp. Maintain a positive attitude to all things and avoid extremes in your thinking. Inward poise is the key. Approach your thinking with sincerity and a true desire to progress in your own abilities.

change-your-aura. Soul harmony – Soul harmony will be attained when your soul responds to the impulses of Spirit. Learn to dwell in harmony with a purposeful, beautiful life. Harmonize yourself with your highest creative aspirations by developing specific abilities, talent, character traits and interests.

In this fast-paced world, it is essential to find calmness. Take periods of rest and relaxation after extended physical or mental exertion. It is important to take care of but not constantly carry your troubles with you. Look at how carefree and energetic children can be. To build harmony with the divine, cultivate an “absence of care.” Take care of your personal needs and responsibilities with a cheerful heart. Maintain your good humor and good spirits in spite of irritations. Look also to your surroundings. Harmony in your home and surroundings is yet another tool to build.

As always, meditation and the Divine Light are essential in building internal harmony. That is your time to go into the silence and commune with the divine. The emerald green ray of balance is excellent to with to increase mind-body-soul-harmony. This raises your vibratory frequencies.

Harmony is a major key in your happiness and success in life. Make the effort to develop harmony and your life will move smoother. You will accelerate your upward climb on the pathway to spiritual mastery.

In Divine Light and Love,

Barbara Y. Martin


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