Facing Your Karma

It is so important to face your karma. We all come to this Earth with unfinished business. Your soul incarnates in physical form to learn what it has either neglected to learn in past lives or to learn lessons that still are a part of its framework and evolutionary climb.

Your experiences in this life are but one chapter in your book of life. You simply cannot judge or see the whole picture of your life history from the viewpoint of a single lifetime, not matter what that life is like. There will always be good karma that you bring in and karma that you need to redeem. Whatever the karmic slate is, you cannot outrun your karma. Facing and resolving karma is one of the most effective ways to quicken your spiritual development. And avoiding and delaying learning the lessons our karma presents, can slow down your spiritual progress no matter how effective you are in other areas of your life.

Karma is the balancer of life—the harmonizer. You generate karma with your every thought, word, emotion, act and deed. It can reach into any aspect of your life. You can have karma related to family, money, health, relationships. And there are many different types of karma. There is personal karma, soul karma, mental karma, emotional karma, national karma, race karma and world karma. That’s a lot of cause and effect going on!

The law of karma is designed in love to make you a greater being and realize the great goal you have. Karma is designed always to help build you up not tear you down or punish you. Without the laws of karma you could not grow and reach spiritual mastery.

It takes courage to look at your faults and face your karma. There can be a natural inclination is to avoid anything that is unpleasant. One of the hardest things is to realize that as an evolving soul you have done it all. Through your many incarnations, you have done great and noble things and you have done not so great thing things. It’s all part of the growing process and all these things play a role in the karmic pattern of your life.

If you were too passive in a past life, you will have to develop a dynamic will in this life. If you were cruel in a past marriage, you will have to show kindness now. If you were impatient before, you will have to learn patience now and so on. You will find the character traits you express now are as a result of your accumulated past lifetimes of experience.

Fortunately, God gives you the strength to face any challenge. There is no sin past forgiveness and no difficulty so great that you cannot surmount them. After all, God brought you to Earth to succeed. Whatever challenges you’re meant to encounter, the divine gives you the spiritual tools to succeed.

You rise above every situation by your attitude. You will not always be in control of the conditions in your life, but you are always in control of how you react and handle those conditions. Spiritually speaking, it’s not what happens to you that matters as much as how you handle what happens. And this is the key to handling any type of karma no matter how severe.

Ultimately, regardless of present conditions, you are earmarked for greatness. You have a glorious destiny. Although you may not fully see the great plan of life, nevertheless you are part of that plan. Let hope live in your heart. Tough times may come but they will also pass and your true destiny will come shining through.

In Divine Light and Love,

Barbara Y. Martin


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