Awakening Your Christ Consciousness

Mystics throughout the ages have taught of a transcendent consciousness. This is the experience of stepping out of the immersion in physical consciousness and gaining a greater, objective experience of the inner, spiritual life. When we are immersed in physical life, we cannot see the spiritual foundations of material existence. We have to transcend beyond the material to comprehend the Divine. There is an evolution of consciousness through which the spiritual aspirant can achieve higher states of awareness.


The key to reaching these divine states is called the Christ consciousness. In the East, this consciousness is sometimes called the Krishna consciousness. We all have this consciousness dwelling within us, regardless of belief. From the Greek meaning “to anoint,” your Christ consciousness is the door to Divine Truth. Through the way you live your life, you are either strengthening or weakening this consciousness. Its ultimate purpose is to lead you to the greatest mystical experience—your spiritual enlightenment where you attain the God awareness.


To step into the greater experiences of the transcend consciousness, the soul must prepare. By strengthening and refining your character, by awakening the spiritual faculties that are part of the your spiritual anatomy, you are building the bridge to the transcend life. Through devotion and dedication, the fruits of spirit gradually flow through you before nature reveals her inner secrets. It is as you live the transcendent life, that that transcend opens up to you. Meditation and prayer are key to build up the needed power in your aura to experience life’s sacredness and walk in greater harmony with God and the Divine oneness.


Your Christ consciousness awakens gradually. It stirs when you have your spiritual awakening. It supports you throughout your spiritual growth. It helps to more deeply experience the Divine in all its joy, mystery, intelligence and creative expression. Eventually, you learn to attain heightened states of consciousness when the soul pierces the veil of matter.


Most important, you don’t awaken your Christ consciousness on your own. You have help from the Divine. The celestial hierarchy guides you on the path of spiritual unfoldment, and the leader of the spiritual hierarchy is the one who awakens your Christ consciousness. In the Bible, there is the immortal phase, “No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:16) The metaphysical interpretation of this teaching is that through the Christ consciousness, and through the Christos who awakens that consciousness, you reach the spiritual summit. There is no other way.


Do all you can to make your spiritual aspirations an even higher priority in your life. It is the Divine knocking on your door. Honor and revere the extraordinary divine presence that dwells in you. Nurture your Christ consciousness, and it will bless every part of your life and unfold extraordinary states of spiritual expression.

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