Forgiveness: An Essential Part of Light Work

It’s not always easy to forgive or ask for forgiveness. But if we don’t, we bog ourselves — and our auras — down. Forgiveness, after all, is an essential part of light work and our spiritual ascent. We’re not perfected yet, so we’re inevitably going to make mistakes. As a result, there will be countless times when we’ll need to ask for forgiveness or be forgiving. It therefore behooves us to become very adept at it; if we don’t, we’re not bound to get very far in our spiritual growth!

When you forgive, you’re cleansing yourself and your aura of your own negative reactive energy (anger, resentment, etc.) associated with the wrong done to you, perceived or real. The other person will still have to work out his or her own negative actions, but you are freeing yourself of any connection to that energy.

The aura of a person lacking forgiveness may contain a variety of unenlightened colors such as deep, muddy red (anger); avocado green (jealousy); olive green (envy); or various shades of gray (fear, gloom, depression). Even if we are justified and the target of our lack of forgiveness stands totally guilty of wrongdoing, we still suffer the effects of holding these dark, unforgiving energies in our aura.

When you commit an offense to someone, you need to ask forgiveness, and do it quickly. This needs to be done in deed as well as in word. There is, however, no need to condemn yourself — which will bog your aura down as well. Remember, there is no sin past redemption, and no one is immune to times of weakness — it is said even the angels have to be reprimanded every once in a great while!

In working with forgiveness, keep in mind these three fundamental principles.

They will take you a long way toward success in your forgiveness work.

1. Forgive quickly

Try to forgive or ask forgiveness as soon after the incident as possible. If anger or resentment has time to seep into the consciousness and aura, it gains momentum and is harder to eliminate.

2. Forgive and forget

If you say you forgive, but constantly dredge up mistakes from the past, you haven’t really forgiven. You must forgive from your heart and truly mean it to let it go.

3. Forgive “seventy times seven” times

There can be no limit to forgiveness. You must continue to be supportive of your forgiveness. You can’t say, “I’ll forgive you this time, but if you do it again, I’ll never forgive you.” That’s the same as not forgiving
If you’d like to read more on forgiveness and the aura, purchase a copy of the Spiritual Arts Institute’s 25th Anniversary Edition of “Change Your Aura, Change Your Life,” from which this blog post has been largely adapted.

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