Attracting Prosperity with Spiritual Energy

Although money occupies such a central place in our lives, many of us understand little of its spiritual operation. It’s no wonder that we often have problems with finances in one form or another. With all that is going on in the world, expressing the spiritual dimensions of prosperity is more essential than ever.

There are many things that come into play to build prosperity. From the perspective of the auric field, you need to build the energy of prosperity in your aura first for it to manifest in your life.

Creating and managing prosperity is one of life’s greatest achievements. Money is a form of energy. It represents your earth power. And by mastering the art of your earth power, it shows your capacity to handle greater divine powers.

Some people seem to have a knack for prosperity. No matter what they do, they create money. These people have developed a connection to their spiritual consciousness of supply and tap that flow intuitively. And there are those who have constant trouble with money. It can be difficult taking care of the most basic financial needs. If you find you cannot create the finances you need, then it’s time to build up your prosperity power.

Cultivating a wealth consciousness is like developing talent. As with any talent, you have to work at it if you wish to be proficient. Many in the spiritual work misunderstand money and mistakenly think putting emphasis on financial matters is an obstacle to spiritual development. Money is as much a part of God as anything else. It’s the mismanagement of money and the pursuit money as an end unto itself that is a source of so many evils.

How do you best take care of your financial needs without getting caught into the hypnotism of money? Recognize that money is a tool. Prosperity is the means through which you achieve your spiritual purpose.

It is fascinating that in the aura there is a spiritual energy dedicated to the consciousness of abundance and supply. It is clairvoyantly perceived as a turquoise light. When this color is strong, it means he or she is in the consciousness of abundance. This is the foundation of building wealth in any aspect of your life. In addition, a person who has the wealth consciousness and know how to harness that wealth through good management of finances will have a silver light in their aura demonstrating the intelligence to use that wealth wisely.

Meditation is a master key build the power of prosperity. Through mediation, you can draw in the turquoise and silver energies to help initiate the expression of those qualities in your life. Then as you take responsibility and act on these divine powers, abundance will start to express itself.

Some of the greatest lessons the world is facing today are related to finances. Learning to balance your prosperity with your spiritual life will lead you to some of the greatest accomplishments in your life. By putting God first in money matters, not only are your personal needs taken care of, you come one step closer to fulfilling your divine purpose.


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