Awakening The Divine Experience

SAI Blog Awakening the Divine Experience

By Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis

The spiritual path is a most exciting adventure as it employs all your talents and skills. In pursuit of your spiritual growth, you cultivate your highest and most noble character. Everyday you strive to be your best self, to be of loving service, and learn everything you can about the spiritual life. These are the hallmarks of an evolving soul.

Yet, one of the greatest mystiques in the metaphysical journey is having a mystical experience. Whether you call it a vision, a prompting, or a revelation, having a genuine divine experience is a life-changing moment. It is Saul on the road to Damascus, forever changed by his vision. Whatever form the experience takes, becoming aware of a facet of spiritual reality beyond the material veil is ecstatic. It is the Divine knocking on your door.

How do you put such spiritual experiences into perspective? And what if you are not yet having visions and spiritual promptings? Are you still in tune with the Divine?

First, the Divine loves everyone equally. Everyday, God blesses and inspires every soul on earth. To be on the spiritual path means you have already had an inner prompting urging you to explore the divine life and unfold your own potential.

There are several different ways the Divine opens the inner life for us. We may experience a heightened level of consciousness. This is where our understanding of life changes in unexpected and wonderful ways. In its gentler form, we commonly call this our “Ah ha!” moment.

Then there is the famous clairvoyant or other type of perceptual experience. This is where a part of the inner worlds is revealed directly to us. This is an unmistakable, dramatic moment that cannot be denied. There is a subtler form of this perceptual prompting known as intuition, which we all have in our own way. Then there is a mental spiritual stirring where you have a glorious inspiration or vision that clearly came from “outside” yourself.

To awaken and deepen the divine experience, first seek the divine, not the experience! Things like clairvoyance are by-products of your spiritual growth. As you develop yourself through meditation and prayer, and through healthy, kind, and ethical living, mystical experiences will be a natural outcome. Avoid looking for grand signs and psychic sensationalism. Holy moments start as the “still, small voice within.”

Cultivate an environment where you are making room for the divine to unfold. It is so easy to consume yourself with endless activities and diversions. As the Indian mystic Paramahansa Yogananda astutely pointed out, if we are too consumed by our activities and hobbies, how can we make time for our bliss? Strive to simplify your life to let God’s presence grow in you.

Be careful not to over interpret a spiritual vision or prompting. Sometimes the ego gets the better of us, mistakenly thinking we have reached the spiritual summit when we have not. There are many who have not yet had a dramatic spiritual experience, yet are developing themselves beautifully because they are living divine truth.

As always, the auric field keenly reflects where you are in the mystical part of your unfoldment. If you are having a spiritual experience or effectively tuning into the divine, there will be clairvoyantly-seen sparkles of white light moving around the head area. The aura itself will be excited and vibrating strongly.

Meditation is the master key to awakening the Divine you. Working with the pure white light is very effective to help you better tune into the Higher Life. If it is your time, the white light can help you cross that bridge to the direct experience.

Remember, we are all mystics in the making. Live up to your potential everyday and the Divine will unfold in leading you to your eventual enlightenment.

Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis are the co-founders of Spiritual Arts Institute, the premier metaphysical school for the aura, health and spiritual growth.


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