A Meditative Prayer for The Holiday Season

The holiday season is a glorious time when the celestial hierarchy comes particularly close, sending Divine Light to uplift and inspire all humanity.

Now, more than ever, do your best to keep in positive spirits to allow yourself to receive this great outpouring of light so you may be a channel of peace, loving kindness, hope and holiness.

When saying this meditative prayer, envision a golden sun above your head about two feet. This is your Higher Self Chakra Point. Hold your attention here as you ask the Divine to bless your aura in a shower of Divine Light.

“I ask that you down-ray the pure white light to my aura and all levels of my consciousness to uplift and bring me into closer rapport with the Divine.

Inspire me to rise above any discord and to be receptive to the down-pouring of Divine Light helping to establish new power for the New Year.

May this light bless my Higher Self Point, so that I may be used as a channel of Divine Light for those who are in need.

I thank God and the Holy Ones for all they do for me, my family and friends and for all humanity.


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