Our Founding Teachers

50 Years of Clairvoyant Experience

Meet Our Founding Teachers

Spiritual Arts Institute was co-founded by Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis in 2005 with a mission to help people from all walks of life accelerate their spiritual understanding and development.
As spiritual directors, Barbara and Dimitri lead the program training and Founder events. They follow the mystery school “living teaching/living teacher” tradition that gives students the energetic space to receive the Divine Light and commune with the Divine

Barbara Y. Martin

One of the great metaphysical teachers of our time, Barbara was born with the gift of seeing the aura in all its subtleties. Affectionately known as the “Mozart of metaphysics” because of her numerous spiritual gifts, she was one of the first to lecture in-depth on the human energy field and is one of the foremost clairvoyants and metaphysical teachers.

Dimitri Moraitis

Co-founder and co-spiritual director of Spiritual Arts Institute, Dimitri is an illumined metaphysical teacher, healer and co-author of numerous books as well as co-creator with Barbara of the SAI programs, course curriculums and numerous workshops.



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Download this free meditation: Dimitri Moraitis leads you through a guided meditation to invite and receive the turquoise ray of prosperity and abundance. 

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