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About the Spiritual Arts Institute Faculty

We are thrilled to present the Spiritual Arts Institute faculty. The SAI faculty come from diverse backgrounds, yet have a common goal to share with others the metaphysical wisdom of the aura and spiritual energy. They have been directly trained by the Institute’s founders and spiritual directors, Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis, and are continuing their advanced studies at SAI to further their spiritual growth and service.

Faculty serve the Institute in various ways: Mentoring, leading meditations, teaching study groups and introductory workshops, and supporting the spiritual directors in the ongoing training programs. They have been specially trained to teach the Change Your Aura Foundation Course as it is the gateway to the training programs at SAI. SAI faculty assist in honing your spiritual skills in an intelligent, encouraging, and caring way. They are your spiritual support system in your journey of Divine Light.

Spiritual Arts Institute faculty approach their work with a devotional heart to serve the Divine selflessly. They have made the Kingdom of Light teachings their personal spiritual path and Spiritual Arts Institute their spiritual home.

Teacher certification requirements

All SAI teachers have their Metaphysician and Direct Divine Light Healing certifications. As their teaching experience and spiritual development progress, the faculty goes through additional certifications, where they are given more teaching responsibilities.  Associate Teacher certification requires a minimum of six years of practice and study, including daily personal meditation and special faculty training. Divine Light Teacher certification requires ten years or more of practice and study, and delves even further into the teaching work at SAI.

Divine Light Teachers

Trisha Kelly has been a spiritual seeker her entire life and was blessed to be born into a devout religious family. As a teenager, she started her career as a dancer and actress but found her passion in the study of Raja Yoga and left entertainment to pursue a life in metaphysics. She served for over twenty years at Paramahansa Yogananda’s International Headquarters in Los Angeles. With her husband, Tom, she co-founded one of San Diego’s leading spiritual yoga centers, The Soul of Yoga, creating a groundbreaking yoga teacher training program. In 2006, Trisha came across a line in Change Your Aura, Change Your Life, “For more information on Divine Light and the aura, contact Spiritual Arts Institute.” Trisha called and her life has changed ever since. Trisha is the mother of two wonderful daughters, and three grandchildren. She is the Director of Advanced Spiritual Studies at the Institute, supporting students in their metaphysical studies and helping to train SAI faculty. She is committed to the Kingdom of Light teaching as she loves helping people open the door to understanding who they are as divine beings. View and sign up for Trisha’s class HERE.

Melinda Noble lives in Texas, is a wife, mother of two grown sons and has three grandchildren. She was raised in a conservative faith that played a big part in her early spiritual development. However, the desire for a deeper relationship with God sent her on a decades-long quest into a myriad of metaphysical studies and learning several energy healing modalities. Her soul’s longing for a deeper connection with the Divine continued until she was prompted to buy a book authored by the founders of Spiritual Arts Institute. She began to do the Higher Self meditation and soon experienced a profound connection with the Divine Light. She knew that this was what she had been searching for and began classes in 2007. Melinda started Spiritual Arts Institute Meetup Texas, hosting introductory workshops on meditating with Divine Light, hosts SAI book studies and represents SAI at holistic/metaphysical fairs. She is passionate about sharing this work and encouraging students on their spiritual path. View and sign up for Melinda’s class HERE.

Adriana Paredes has a master’s degree in education and has been teaching children and adults for thirty years, as well as being a fine artist and creativity coach.  Her love for God has permeated her life. Since childhood, she knew that there was more to life than what the eyes could see. Growing up, she concluded that the divine presence was everything she would ever need or want.  After reading Change Your Aura, Change Your Life she knew she had found her spiritual teacher. She was among the first to join the online classes when they became available. Color, the aura and meditation, her Waldorf teacher training, as well as her own personal experiences with the spiritual world, made her appreciate the spiritual truths presented by Barbara and Dimitri. View and sign up for Adriana’s class HERE.

Megumi Yamada Ph.D. is a senior professor at a Japanese four-year college and mother. She has been in the academic and educational world for years.  Born and raised in Japan, her interests are in both Eastern and Western metaphysics.  She considers herself very fortunate to have been introduced to the Kingdom of Light teachings in 2009 when Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis toured Tokyo. Immediately, she had confidence that they are her true teachers and started taking the training classes.  When her city was struck by earthquakes and a tsunami in 2011, she took action to help souls spiritually by starting the official Spiritual Arts Aurablog. Since then, she has been helping train many students through SAI Japanese bilingual program. Having lost her younger daughter in 2008 and her husband in 2013, she was amazed by how the Divine Light worked to help overcome her grief. Megumi has a burning desire to help fellow souls in their spiritual journey and is passionate about doing her part to spread the Kingdom of Light teachings worldwide. View and sign up for Megumi’s class HERE.

Associate Teachers

Rosie De Sanctis is a proud member of the entertainment industry, having acted on stage, television and in films. She is currently singing nationwide with Tre Bella, a three-part-harmony, Italian-American Girl Group. The diversity of the arts has afforded her the honor of meeting and working with amazing people from all walks of life and has opened her mind and heart to the beauty within all of us. Rosie is equally passionate about growing spiritually and discovered the “something more” she’d been searching for when she enrolled in the Change Your Aura, Change Your Life Foundation Course in 2011. Since then she has never looked back. The desire to cultivate a closer relationship to God is what drew her to the work at SAI. The peace of the meditation and light work is food for the soul and continues to deepen her relationship to the Divine. View and sign up for Rosie’s class HERE.

Neil Mintz lives in Encinitas, California with his wife, and they are blessed with two sons. He retired in 2010 after a successful career as the CEO and Chief Innovation Officer of a manufacturing company that he founded in 1989. In pursuit of ending a life-long battle with anxiety, he spent many years immersed in different meditation and spiritual practices before he was introduced to Barbara and Dimitri in 2011 and began his studies at Spiritual Arts Institute.  Dealing with anxiety, Neil’s persistent practice of the Divine Light meditations, as well as his commitment to applying the spiritual principles, finally led to the relief he had always sought. Since then, he continues to apply the light to many other areas of his life with astonishing results. It’s the practical aspect of the metaphysical work that fuels his deep spiritual commitment and the passion to help others that are drawn to this transformational work. As a board member of Spiritual Arts Institute, he is involved in business development and passionately supports the Institute’s mission in many ways. View and sign up for Neil’s class HERE.

Jaqueline Marie is a recording artist, sound healer, and the founder of The Soul of Love, a women’s empowerment and love-coaching platform. While attending the Royal Opera Conservatory of Brussels, Belgium in 2007, Jaqueline had her spiritual awakening and was guided by her intuition to seek out living teachers and a practical, powerful spiritual practice. Months later she began her deep tutelage with Barbara and Dimitri. Having used the Higher Self Meditation to spiritually grow, heal deep wounds of the past, and transform limiting addictions and behaviors, Jaqueline is passionate about helping others experience the same freedom and joy. Through sharing the Kingdom of Light teachings, it is her heart’s desire to empower others to learn how to build their personal relationship with the Divine, heal their hearts, and create the life they were born to live, hand-in-hand with God. View and sign up for Jaqueline’s class HERE.