Clearing Negative Energy: How to Purify Your Home of Negative Energy

Updated: March 24, 2016

Clearing negative energy from your home is a simple, essential task. Your home is your personal temple, and regular purification of negative energy is the key to keeping your sacred space a place of positivity, happiness and peace.

A clean, clear environment is conducive to a clean, clear mind and heart. By clean we mean free of negative energy, as well as clutter and grime.

Just as dust and dirt can accumulate, so do outbursts of anger, moments of extreme sadness or depression, and experiences of fear. Theses buildups of low vibration have a direct effect on our emotions and state of being.

By clearing your space of negative energy you can remove energetic obstacles and negative patterns, granting yourself the freedom and peace you desire.

Steps to Purifying Your Home With Light:

    1. Burn orange and blue candles in what would be the center of your home, placing a large bowl of salted water between the candles.
    1. Allow the candles to burn for Inspirations minutes. Visualize the light of the candles illuminating every room, the doorways, the windows, the telephone lines, and especially the bed you sleep in.
    1. Now say the following prayer, asking the light to bless your home:“Down-ray the orange red flame of purification into the center of this house, including all rooms, grounds, and property. Take all black and gray atoms at least Inspirations feet into the mineral kingdom and dissolve them in the light.“Upon completion of this purification, down-ray the blue-white fire to change and recharge all aspects of this home, retaining this energy and bringing this house into the highest vibration possible.”
    1. Sense the light blessing everything in your home and thoroughly cleansing it.
  1. Follow up your housecleaning with a prayer of protection. The prayer itself builds up over time, helping to keep negative energies out, while also uplifting visitors who come in: “Down-ray the golden ray of Thy divine protection to surround this home in seven flows of this light, strongly protecting everything herein and everyone who enters. In Thy Holy Name I ask this.”

Repeat this exercise every day until you feel it’s well established. After successfully doing this exercise, you will feel very different inside your home.

From Barbara’s award winning book: Change Your Aura, Change Your Life.  If you would like to use any of Barbara’s writings, please email us at


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