SUN, Aug 4
11:00AM PT

“Seekers of divine ecstasy are abjured to abstain strictly from inebriating substances and sensual stimulants, which keep the life force and consciousness bound in body consciousness and easily become habit forming.”

– Paramahansa Yogananda

Join our monthly fellowship as we share metaphysical insights from the Divine on a variety of topics and current affairs.

This month, Dimitri will explore the controversial topic of the use of psychoactive substances as part of one’s spiritual journey. Many experiment with drugs thinking it is a way to stimulate spiritual experiences. Yet metaphysics teaches are there no shortcuts to awakening the inner mystical life. We must earn each step in our spiritual enlightenment. There have always been the pitfalls of counterfeit spiritual experiences when one mistakenly thinks they have awakened the door to the spiritual life—sometimes through mind-altering drugs—when in fact what they have done is weaken the very inner faculties needed to reach the spiritual summit.

With the blossoming of the spiritual renaissance, it’s more essential than ever to pursue your spiritual journey with a clear, sober head and employ the tools of spiritual maturity at your disposal—intuition, inspiration, meditation and the application of spiritual truth. Meditations with Divine Light, world prayers and music will be part of the fellowship.

There has never been a better time to pursue your soul’s growth. We welcome you in the great spiritual adventure!

Offered online and in-person at:
Spiritual Arts Institute
527 Encinitas Blvd
Suite 206
Encinitas, CA 92024

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Event: Drugs and the Spiritual Experience

Spiritual Teachers and Best-selling Authors

Barbara Martin


Considered one of the foremost clairvoyants and spiritual teachers in the world. Born with the gift of seeing the aura in all its subtleties, she is a pioneer in the field of metaphysics having taught thousands how to better their lives by working with the aura and spiritual energy.

Dimitri Moraitis

Co-Founder & Spiritual Director

An accomplished metaphysical teacher, Dimitri has lectured across the country, appeared on numerous radio shows and leads workshops and training classes offered at the Institute with Barbara.

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