Group Divine Light Healing Night

SAI Faculty Teachers Neil Mintz & Melissa Love
Saturday, February 24
6:30pm (PST)

Event Details

Led by SAI Faculty Teachers
Neil Mintz & Melissa Love

Facilitated by
Direct Divine Light Healers

“Spiritual energy is the single biggest key to building and sustaining health, because it connects you to your source of health.”
- Barbara Martin & Dimitri Moraitis – The Healing Power of Your Aura

Experience a Direct Divine Light healing performed in a supportive group setting led by SAI faculty teachers Neil Mintz and Melissa Love and facilitated by certified SAI healers.

Whether you are seeking physical, mental or emotional transformation, Divine Light healing is a full-spectrum aura therapy. It offers spiritual upliftment in every area of life including a greater sense of self-reliance and self-confidence, release of past traumas and negative habits, accelerated development of talent and abilities and greater harmony in all types of relationships.

The aura is a crucial to healing because it is the place where you generate the spiritual energy to manifest health. Built on the clairvoyant experiences of renowned teachers Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis, these healing techniques have been endorsed by medical luminaries C. Norman Shealy and Dr. Richard Gerber.

Offered on New Moon or Full Moon evenings. Included are breathwork, affirmations, and visualizations to support your healing journey.


Offered in-person
Spiritual Arts Institute
527 Encinitas Blvd, Suite 206
Encinitas, CA 92024

2024 Dates, 6:30pm PT

  • February 24 – Full Moon
  • March 20 – Spring Equinox
  • April 8 – Solar Eclipse/New Moon
  • May 23 – Full Moon
  • June 20 – Summer Solstice
  • July 21 – Full Moon
  • August 14 – Planetary Alignment Jupiter and Mars
  • September 22 – Fall Equinox
  • October 17 – Full Moon
  • November 15 – Full Moon
  • December 21 – Winter Solstice

Cost: $20
As we are a non-profit, donations welcomed.

NEIL MINTZ is a certified Divine Light Teacher through SAI. A devoted husband and father of two sons, Neil founded a highly successful manufacturing company innovating new products. After years of practicing many meditation modalities, Neil discovered the Kingdom Of Light Teachings which profoundly transformed his life. Neil volunteers at the Institute to serve as Director of Events and Outreach and serves on the SAI Board of Director.

MELISSA LOVE is a certified Associate Teacher through SAI. A devoted wife and mom of three young children, Melissa established two bi-coastal yoga studios serving 10,000 clients. After exploring various spiritual paths to grow closer to the Divine, none were as meaningful and powerful as the Kingdom of Light Teachings. She’s eternally grateful to be a lifetime student at SAI. Melissa serves as a strategic advisor to Spiritual Arts Institute.

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