Getting Into the Holiday Spirit

The Holiday season is a special time as the divine down-rays a tremendous amount of light during this time to uplift humanity. Regardless of our religious affiliation, God loves us all and uses this time to touch deep into our soul. Do your best to stay in as high a spiritual place as you can even if difficult situations come up. Keep your thoughts elevated and avoid getting into confrontations with others. Simply be receptive to what God wishes to give you.These next few weeks are a good time to take personal inventory of the year. Look at the things you accomplished and did not accomplish. Forgive those you may have had entanglements with. Pray for your family and loves ones. Pray for the world and the troubled spots where tensions are high.We have a tradition at Spiritual Arts Institute to make a wish list for 2008 and seal it after January living-light, 2008. Ask the light to bless those wishes and then at the end of the year open the envelope and see how well you did. Also make another wish of things you do NOT wish to bring into the New Year and burn that list as close to midnight New Year’s Eve. Feel those things being dropped away.


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